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Happy New Year 2022!

It's time for an update, or maybe two. I've just finished watching the amazing 'This is England' series for the second time around, so feel the need to do a 'top ten TV shows' blog entry, which will follow. For now though, it's 2022 and just hope we will see a better year ahead. We're now entering year three of the whole coronavirus nonsense and while we've been pretty lucky not to have been greatly impacted so far, it's starting to nibble away at the edges. If nothing changes, time to induce some change. A recap. 2020 wasn't too bad. Our kids were still in Hong Kong, so we got through it together as a family. They left to the UK for their respective Universities in September of that year, and we were able to drop them off and make sure they were settled. They then returned for Christmas 2020 (albeit with 14-days Quarantine) and we got a good 3-4 weeks with them. 2021 has been harder though as we didn't get back to see them until September, so a good nine months apart. We're a very close family, so it was pretty tough on us all. We did get two great weeks with them and my family in the UK and managed to get back to Hong Kong pretty unscathed (albeit with 21-days Quarantine). No chance for them to get back for Christmas this year, so we all spent our first Christmas and New Year apart - we did the best we could, but it was hard on us all.

So now it's 2022, and I really don't want a repeat of 2021. As I said, if nothing changes, we'll have to find a way to make it change. See you soon girls!

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