• Giles Leonard

(My) Top 10 TV Shows of all time

Not comedies, but shows that I have loved and committed to over a long period of time. Preferably shows that I watched as they came out which eliminates any that I have given up on (classic example The Walking Dead).

Minimum two series that I can watch over and over with no unwatchable series in there. I confess to never having watched The Wire and while I enjoyed The Sopranos, I watched it late and in one go so didn't get the anticipation that probably went with it.

Here we go...

  • House

  • Better Call Saul

  • Breaking Bad

  • This is England

  • Line of Duty

  • Peaky Blinders

  • Inspector Morse

  • Our Friends in the North

  • Black Mirror

  • Unforgotten

  • Dexter (had to leave out as there is at least one poor series in there)

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